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EBP 2500

EBP 4000

Our electro mechanical lifts are extremelly safe and reliable, as a proof of that, we provide a two year warranty*. Maintenance is occasional due to the high quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process.

Model EBP 2500 is designed to work with passenger vehicles up to 2.500 kg (5.500lbs). The EBP 4000 model works with vehicles up to 4.000 kg (8.800 lbs) which means it can work with almost all full size pickup trucks.

Our lifts follow very specific quality standards. All of our models are built based on the following requirements:

  • Lubrification based on grease.
  • Carbon steel columns with a thickness of 6,35 mm octagonally shaped.
  • Base made out of carbon steel plates with reinforcements that guarantee central and lateral stability.
  • Low arms allow you to work with national and international vehicles.
  • Automatic safety locks keep the arms locked while the vehicle is elevated.
  • Lifting system with two mechanical screw bars, two load nut systems and a chain drive.
  • The safety system consists of a load nut and a safety nut on each side, both made out of nylon 6.6.
  • Electrical system: One 4 HP (EBP 2500) two 4 HP (EBP 4000) motor(s). Single-phase or three-phase. 50 Hz or 60 Hz. 220v up to 380v.
  • Ascending time of 40 seconds.

*Las condiciones pueden cambiar según el país


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